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March 4-5, 2016
FHI 360, 1825 Connecticut Ave NW #2, Washington, DC 20009
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  • Problem:  we want more voters to use available early voting centers in order to reduce the possibility of long lines at polling stations on Election Day and to maximize the investment of public dollars to run early voting centers. Using past voting patterns, can we determine where and to whom we should be promoting early voting?
  • Voting demographics and voting history linked at the title up top, precinct shapefiles here (long/lat in xls format here).  and DC Master Address Repository is here.  Files on Google Drive are too big to be opened in the app, but anyone with the link can download them.
  • Skills needed: data/statistical analysis and visualization, mapping.
  • DC's Board of Elections is developing its voter outreach strategy, and any solution created at DC Open Data Day would be integrated into strategy sessions. If the project reveals that our data could be improved or enhanced through the addition or combination of other publicly available data, we would add/mashup those data sets in our future work. 
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(This is the presentation page for this project)
  • The Problem:
  • Since 2010, eight Early Voter Centers in DC have been open for 10 days before Election Day to make voting more convenient and reduce long lines at polling stations.
  • The DC Board of Elections wants to most learn how it can most effectively invest public dollars in EVCs, in particular by learning how these EVC's affect voting patterns, and identifying who they should advertise to.
  • Data: registered voter data, including voting modality, address data, ...
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Election-Year Data

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