Open Data Day 2013

Here is the final contents of the Open Data Day DC 2013 event hackpad, originally at


OpenDataDay 2013 DC


Paste your links here that we’ll show as you summarize what your groupdata did during the day, e.g.: visualizations, github repos, screenshots of the work you did, etc.

My Group Name -

OpenData DevOps -

#OpenDCZoning: Density + Transit - map: (@andrewsalzberg + @b__k) 

DC Public School Data

Extraction of PACER legal citations

Open 211 / 990 : District Commons data pool - Open211DataCommons

Street Tree Species Mapping // DC

Millienium Challenge Corporation

IPython notebooks - Curriculum building using open data sets

Final Project link here: (pw: ju88al0)

Picloud notebook to visualize global earthquake data as a map. There were a few speedbumps with mpl toolkits not loading in the picloud basemap. But setting up an environment in linux helped with this. Ideally, we would be able to create a short suite of excercises in python for an introductory curriculum that could allow for interactive programmin on the same template. The example is a map, but ideally we could also create time series of perhaps USDA crop data over time, a network graph node/edge diagram relating NGOs to relevant data that they collect and provide, and then a scraper in python to scrape data (maybe nutrition data from the USDA) create a full suite of short excercises under a food security or relevant climate conditions theme.

Screencaps + random data (sorry) here:

Proposal for new Open Data community on StackExchange

Here is the proposal I was talking about -

We need folks interested in open data to sign up and follow proposal as well as suggest questions that community may address as well as vote up/down questions that are already proposed.

This new community may serve as a neutral ground where open data geeeks and data owners/experts can meet to talk about data and tools to better use the data that is already available on one of the open data catalogs such as and As well as starting point to discover new datasets inside government and help it to liberate them for public good.



this page:

eventbrite page:

hashtag: #opendataday #dc

organizers: Josh Tauberer ( @JoshData), Eric Mill (Sunlight Foundation @konklone), Katherine Townsend (USAID @DiploKat), Dmitry Kachaev (Presidential Innovation Fellow/Millennium Challenge Corporation @kachok), Sam Lee (@OpenNotion &The World Bank ), and Julia Bezgacheva (The World Bank @ulkins). You can reach Josh at

event theme song:

international info: and

wifi: GUEST / password: nehokjiok7

Attendees, feel free to edit this section and add other logistical details that you want to share with others.


Here’s what we’re working on this weekend. Add your project once you get started. At the end of the day, add your name next to the project you worked on and add any links to project "outputs" so we all can find it again later.

Introductory Open Data Workshop - 


Sam Lee , World Bank -

Greg Elin, FCC - 

DemocracyMap -

Phil Ashlock - @philipashlock

Open 211 / Local Data Commons - Greg Bloom 


Symetri Health - Jon Glassman & Sumit Sood

Girl Development -

Thomas Levine (

MCC Data Effort

Chantale Wong - Millennium Challenge Corporation -

APIs based on above data:

Application based on KPI data:

Andrew from DC! - 

Justin Grimes - Visualizing DC budget data!

Dmitry Kachaev - Make a better today.

Let’s create better platform for (e.g. API) that we can use. Check out for inspiration. 

Brian Pate

Harlan Harris - Code for DC -

Drew Vogel - 

Chris Wilson-

Measuring Voting Behavior

Rob Baker, Ushahidi ( -

OpenTreeMap: Let’s create an open map of DC’s trees, editable by anyone (a la OpenStreetMap), that also calculates the positive environmental and finanial impact they provide, through the FOSS OpenTreeMap platform.

Richard Murby


Recently the World Bank conducted a global social media outreach initiative call "What Will It Take". The objective was a get opinions from people around the world on what they think it will take to end poverty. I have a dataset of 20,000 tweets (in multiple languages) but tagged to sector and country. Is anyone interested in exploring this data with me? 

StackExchange Q&A Site Proposals:

These are really easy, and everyone can do it. There are two relevant proposals to stand up  StackExchange Q&A sites, one for all things Washington DC, and another for Open Data. We’re in the process of defining the proposed sites, and we need your help getting the sites to Beta. So, if you want to take a 5 minute break today:

  1. Go to:  
    1. (for Washington DC)
    2. (for Open Data)
  2. Log in or sign up for an account
  3. "Follow" the proposals
  4. Add interesting questions that you’ve always wanted to know about DC and Open Data (separately)
  5. Most importantly (and easiest) -- vote on your favorite questions! 

That’s it! Thanks!


Here are some ideas we know participants are interested in:

Raise awareness for DC’s Advisory Neighborhood Commissions system.

Open 211: Community resource data commons. Consolidating data about all District of Columbia’s non-profit services (from federal and local gov, and non-profit agencies) -- background in this brief memo


consolidate and clean data

stand up in ’open data catalog’ (here?)

consider different taxonomies (one, two) and possibly prototype a ’crosswalk’

Complete a CSV -> API importer (?)

Visualizing DC’s blighted property and/or zoning data.

Visualzing government spending data.

Transportation data: Bikeshare trips <> (Matt Caywood), your personal WMATA ride history, etc.

Compare hospital costs using Medicare data.

Build a Pre-Fab Data Scraping/Cleaning Workstation (@auremoser).

Designing a Better ____. What would your ideal government data portal do? Use Design Thinking principles to explore how the portal serves its users. The Bootcamp Bootleg at is a great resource to start with. Try redesigning or (compare to or,, (compare to

Here are some more ideas for inspiration:

A GTFS Archiver (so we can get historical data for analysis).

DC Chapter of Code for America Brigade.

Redefining #OpenData for 2013.

Recommendations for the DC Government’s #OpenData.

Write a Knight News Challenge proposal.

Deploy The State Decoded for the laws in your home state.

Open Data Census.!/parsing-pdfs/

TransparencyCamp! May 4-5 (A open gov unconverence brought to you by the Sunlight Foundation and the George Washington University School of Media and Public Policy.) Learn more about TCamp at Register before March and save $10. Registration: Thanks!


If you post photos on twitter or flickr, put links here!