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650 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ahreum Han , Sophia Liu , Yue Liu , Alex Byrnes , Jaime Sanchez 650 days ago
Hacks from Open Data Day 2016 - Sophia, Jamie, Alex, Magic, Julia, Yue, Amy
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The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Mineral Resources Program (MRP) and the National Minerals Information Center (NMIC) conduct national and international assessments of the supply of and demand for mineral resources essential to the U.S. economy and national security. Critical mineral resources provide implications that impact agriculture, communications, construction, mining and metal processing, consumer goods, health services, military, and transportation as well as the interdependencies between countries for mineral resources. Rare earth elements are increasingly important in electronic devices used in the defense, alternative energy, and communications industries. The lifecycle of developing, using, and disposing mineral commodities can have an impact on the environment, energy, and economy domestically and internationally. MRP and NMIC generate mineral resource assessments with many detailed spatiotemporal datasets on a regular basis to provide decision makers with the information required to ensure that the Nation has an adequate and dependable supply of minerals and materials to meet its defense and economic needs at acceptable costs related to environment, energy, and economics. However, the wealth of historical mineral reports and legacy data related to mineral extraction, consumption, and economics hidden within tables, static maps, and assessments are hidden within PDF files available through National Minerals Information Center and the Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS).
USGS would like your help with generating interactive visualizations related to critical minerals and rare earth elements. You can produce proof-of-concept visualizations or interactive stories about the lifecycle of critical minerals. You can also provide recommendations on how USGS datasets and other mineral datasets could be better organized, architected, and presented to make it easier to produce visualizations and to tell better stories about critical minerals.
Here are just some questions to inspire your hack:
  • How can we explain critical minerals through conceptual animations similar to Kindea Labs?
  • How can USGS data on mineral resources be integrated with other datasets to produce a mineral resource vulnerability assessment?
  • How can the USGS minerals datasets be visualized spatially and temporally to show changes of critical mineral commodities at national and international scales?
  • How can the mineral resource lifecycle be visualized to identify vulnerabilities within the supply chain of mineral materials to better inform predictive modeling of mineral resources?
  • What mobile applications could be developed using the MRDS and NMIC data?
  • What kind of web application or game can we create that asks people to figure out what kinds of everyday products (e.g., cell phones, hybrid cars, laptops, etc.) we would no longer have if certain critical minerals (like neodymium and yttrium) were no longer available?
@USGS, @USGSminerals, @USGSNewsMineral, @USGS_Mining
  • Mineral Background
  • Mineral Datasets
  • 1001 Datasets - other interesting data to integrate and do some data science
  • USGS Visualizations - The Old Way - How would you make these better?
  • Current Public Visualizations Online Now - How can you make something similar to these?
  • Past Mineral Hacks to Expand On
  • Created by summer high school intern
  • Potential Visualization Tools
Sophia L
  • Gaming Inspirations
Sophia, Jamie, Alex, Magic, Julia, Yue, Amy
  • Jamie: Wanted to know more about Lithium as an investment opportunity
  • Alex Byrnes, Magic (Majid), Julia - Extract Rare Earth Element (REE) statistics from PDFs
  • Tried Tabula and took 5-10 years of REE statistics to show time series data using Plotly
Sophia L
  • Yue - Rare Earth Elements (REE) Game
Yue L
  • Test you rare earth element knowledge at REE Game with source code on Github

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