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650 days ago
March 4-5, 2016
FHI 360, 1825 Connecticut Ave NW #2, Washington, DC 20009
  • Need help?
Your organizers are Josh Tauberer, Eric Mill, and Julia Bezgacheva. Please find us if you need anything.
  • Workshops (Saturday)
  • Election-Year APIs, by Lindsay Young (Sat 10:15) A brief overview of API basics, followed by an in-depth look at the FEC API. Then, we’ll work with some resources from Pro Publica and Open Secrets. slideslidess, json chrome extension,  
  • Intro to Command Line & Coding, by Jessica Garson (Sat 1:30) In this class you will learn the basics of the command line, write your first two Python programs, and discuss resources for further learning. Slides and Scripts:  https://github.com/JessicaGarson/Open-Data-Day-Intro-to-Coding My twitter profile is @jessicagarson 
  • Intro to D3.js, by Chris Given (Sat 3:15): D3 is an expressive and powerful tool used to create many of the interactive data visualizations we see on the web today. If you’re trying to do more with your data than is possible in Excel or Tableau, or if you’re making websites that require interactive, data-driven graphics, this workshop will lead you through the build of a complete D3 project
  • Projects
Please add your project by adding a link here to a new page on this hackpad for your project.  
Best practices: Clearly state the Problem, resources (e.g. datasets) available, suggested solution, skillset requested of volunteers, how solutions will be sustained post-hacking, and contact for point person. 
Emanuel F
  • Programmatically access historical DC cartoons, photographs, maps, oral histories, postcards, and other ephemera, plus their rich metadata!
Sophia L
  • Is there a relationship between gentrification and improved education?
Emily S
  • How do we predict, anticipate, visualize?
  • Which came first, better schools or higher income?
  • Point of Contact: Sophia B Liu - 630-729-4216, sophialiu@usgs.gov
  • Looking for people who can do some data science - wrangling and visualizations
  • Looking for people who can create an interactive game around critical minerals
  • Looking for people who can create simple interactive stories or maps 
  • Problem: we want more voters to use available early voting centers in order to reduce the possibility of long lines at polling stations on Election Day. By analyzing voter demographics and past voting patterns, can we determine where and to whom we should be promoting early voting?
  • Point of contact: Dave Lehr - davelehr@gmail.com
  • Looking for designers, BI Developers
Siddharth K
  • Point of contact: Elaine Ayo, Sid Kulkarni
Elaine A
  • Tasks:
  • Refine wireframe and create github issues for features, look at current apps out there and figure out how scanner functionality works
  • Evaluate available UPC data and figure out best source for app
Siddharth K
  • Looking for: designers, app developers
Max R
  • Bullets for the Mayor (AKA what we accomplished at OpenDataDay DC on Saturday March 5, 2016):
  • Today with the work of a dozen volunteers, we developed a custom app interface, built a prototype app, and wrote code to parse UPC databases to help build an app for volunteers at the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) to more quickly classify bulk donated salvage packaged food into "wellness" or "not wellness".   We also made progress in using Census and CDC data on were there are higher concentrations of diet related health problems in the DC Maryland Virginia (DMV) area so CAFB initiatives can better target those areas. Github link: https://github.com/cafbdk.  We even had some progress on another mapping project where the American Red Cross may want to consider installing Smoke Alarms across the US. 
  • The next step is to tie all 3 aspects of the app all together into an alpha version during our event on April 2 and build a first version of the diet-related health map of the DMV.  After that, we will work with the Capital Area Food Bank to further refine this prototype with their feedback.  Here's the link to the Meetup placeholder to RSVP for the next event: http://www.meetup.com/DataKind-DC/events/229365671/
  • Point of contact: Mark Silverberg (@skram / mark.silverberg@socrata.com)
  • Point of contact: Darron Fuller (darron.fuller@daen-society.org)
Kara T
  • As of Feb. 26, 2016, Washington, DC's unemployment rate was 6.6%, 48th in the nation (Source: BLS). 
Will T
  • Idea: Connect skilled workers of high unemployment/low economic geographic areas (census tracts) to opportunities in areas of high-opportunity
  • Unemployment by Census Tract (click on map to find): 
  • unemployment by census track (table): 
Kat T
  • Code4Africa Projects - geared toward remote participation:
  • Visualized the max, median, and min price by month for each state for every year from 1997-2015 for each state, demoing only for the year 2003.
  • Bar graph visualization for the costs of houses from 1997-2015 for California by month. 
  • People of Contact: Roshan Thapaliya , Saurav Keshari Aryal, Susan Bhattarai.
  • Email us at firstname.lastname@bison.howard.edu
  • We are Computer Science Majors at Howard and looking for Summer internships. Please hit us up, if you need any interns for Summer 2016.
Tess B
  • Access to Hospital-based healthcare and the factors that impact access to care before seeking care at health care facilities
  • POC: ???
  • Data on obesity, crime rates, community parks
613 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by jalbertbowdenii 613 days ago
  • the trello board says it is private...how does one get access?
Darron F If the data is available, we would like to improve the model to support job and opportunity matching at the skills level and have more detail of specific jobs.  This approach should result in a better "fit" between tracts (or blocks) of low-employment and tracts offering opportunity and provide an enhanced decision management tool for city officials.  Furthermore this profit-maximizing framework can be extended down to the automated decisioning of matching job seekers directly to employers with available jobs.  Update 4/20/16:  Began working with the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) which asks respondents to provide details into their daily activities as well as their employment status.  The ATUS has specific questions regarding Employment and Underemployment and also could be used to better understand the skills of the respondents based upon the data of their logged activities.
652 days ago
returning citizens
jalbertbowdenii Community organizer flow:
  • Here's what better (not yet "good", I'd say) data looks like - apparently this is really possible since some places have done it
  • Today our task is to do some prioritizing and consensus-building about what we need to get moving in our own cities so we can use it to do our jobs/organizing. What things could we do--or do better--if we could see the data (we need this, commswise, to make the case for data asks)?
  • Who are the people who can make the decisions to get this data opened up, and what relationships can we mobilize to get to them?
  • How do we do that, next stepswise (who/when/what)?
  • We are bringing together prototype teams in both DC and Baltimore and want to figure out how to facilitate them working together while meeting locally. The next build day (hackathon) will be in May in Baltimore. DC is re-energizing so we need to breathe life back into teams before we can justifiably plan a demo day. If folks want to join us feel free to connect them to me after the event.
  • Criminal justice data: usually the first thing people think about is crime data, usually the last thing they think about is the root causes, which turns us to reentry
  • Community organizer approach
  • Hall of Justice is a way to identify “what we want” and “what could be better”
  • Open data community can be part of addressing the “how” in how to make it happen
  • We need a schema, cooperation, people communicating to get a wide berth of input
  • We have yet to see this for reentry data: that’s what the hackathons are meant to address — increase engagement (visualizations), bolster advocacy
Summary sentence: “This breakout session will touch on reentry data: what it includes, where it succeeds and needs improvement, and steps forward for building tools and policy that make it a higher priority in the criminal justice space.”
Jaime S Notes 
  • Creating probabilistic models
  • Making  a website like Ohio Reentry Resource Center with more interactive/dynamic experience
  • No schema.
  • Localities pushing avail. resources online. 
  • Some Examples of standardized schemas in other types of data: 
Jaime S
  • BLDS - The Building & Land Development Specification (BLDS) is a standard for sharing open data on building and construction permits issued by municipal governments. More information on the BLDS Specification can be found here: http://permitdata.org/.
Damian O
  • Good news stories on employment/visualizations for involvement
Jaime S
  • Paying for parole is a big obstacle and unsustainable. Surfacing data/viz about this could help gen. public relate and see the struggle. 
  • How do we get the govt to standarize crim. justice data...? 
  • it costs less to give a house, than putting them back in jail. 
  • model out the value of one person instead of going back in, surviving - dollars saved from not going back in and dollars gained from them providing back to economy
Jaime S
  • EXPOSE the prison industrial complex ! for profit prisons don't want data transparency around reentry. 
  • look into how other countries are doing this
Jaime S
  • Drugs as a health issue rather than a crime issue. 
  • Albert Bowden albert@sunlightfoundation.com
Chris O
  • Chris O'Donnell: chris@nucivic.com (@chrisod)
Damian O
  • Damian Ortellado dortellado@sunlightfoundation.com (@dortellado)
Greer M
  • Greer Mellon greermellon@gmail.com - would love more info on the May Baltimore Hackathon
Richard C
Timothy M
  • Tim Miller: timothy.miller@socrata.com
Jaime S
  • Jaime Sanchez 
Micah B
  • Micah Bales micahbales@gmail.com - Interested in seeing how I can help.

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