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Nate Culwell-Kanarek

651 days ago
Adam (Professional "that guy" and)
Nate <ncmadcity@gmail.com>
John (Data Scientist; Python, R, etc.)
Richard C Rich (Viz, R, GIS)
Scott K skaiser443
Finding addresses in DC: (Master Address Respository, XML API) http://octo.dc.gov/node/715602
Richard C An example of a gentrification study in SF at the census tract level:
  • Dataset (maybe we try to obtain the same sets for DC?): 
Potential Datasets: 
Jermaine R School Enrollments
  • Consolidated enrollment data on GitHub
  • Idea: this enrollment data has grade-by-grade enrollment. We could use this as a proxy for pass/fail data (i.e. assume people stick to the same school, and the percent of 10th / 9th grade enrollment = pass rate. 
Neal H
Jermaine R School Locations (for mapping)
Richard C School locations 

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