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Michael Sugimura

650 days ago
  • A text editor — Although it's totally possible to use Notepad (on PC) or TextEdit (on Mac), for the best experience let's get an editor that's designed for writing code. I like https://atom.io/ or  Sublime Text, but if you're familiar with something else, stick with it.
  •     .domain([0, d3.max(app.data, function (d) { return d.fertility })])
Chris G
  •     .range([0, width])
  •     .attr('class', function (d) { return 'country continent-' + d.continent.replace(' ', '-') })c
  • countries.transition().duration(TRANSITION_DURATION)
  • bl.ocks.org is a repository of D3 examples that can be learned from.
Rahul M
  • D3 overkill for your project? Check out NVD3.
Andrew T
  • vega.github.io includes open-source libraries and interfaces for generating D3
Michael S

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